Professional, skilled and effective work requires a well-functioning team working hand in hand. Only few law firms in our region offer apprenticeships for young people. We are proud to employ three young learners in our office because we believe in the future of our young people.

Florence Tenger Lucia Streiff

Melanie Treybal

Arta Halili

Doris Müller

Mirko Riesterer

Dr. iur. Hans Furer lic. iur. Robert Karrer
Dr. iur. Donald Stückelberger Prof. Dr. iur. Barbara Graham-Siegenthaler, LL.M.
lic. iur. Matthias Steiner Dr. iur. Alex Ertl, CAS Arbeitsrecht, E.M.B.L.-HSG
lic. iur. Regula Steinemann Dr. iur. Hans Martin Tschudi
Petra Sigg-Brunner